Welcome from the chair: Resham Kotecha


On behalf of the Europe FinTech Awards 2022 in association with ID-Pal, I would like to welcome all participants this year and applaud their effort in driving innovation across the fintech sector, providing the best solutions and services to European citizens and businesses.


My name is Resham Kotecha, I am a board member at the European FinTech Association, and head of policy and government relations at Wise for EMEA. I had the honour of chairing the judging panel for the 2022 Europe FinTech Awards, which aim to celebrate the achievements of fintechs across Europe.


Throughout the years, the European fintech sector has grown substantially, revolutionising the financial services value chain. This has encouraged more competition, a wider choice of services, and has successfully indicated the very clear advantages that fintechs can provide to European consumers and businesses in delivering easy access to inexpensive digital products.


Even in the difficult circumstances emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, European fintechs have continued to thrive, developing exciting and innovative customer-centric solutions that are so valuable for consumers and businesses—in Europe and increasingly all across the globe.


Despite digital innovation being a driver of positive change, European fintechs still face significant cross-border barriers in Europe. Therefore, it is imperative to constantly showcase the value that fintechs provide to EU citizens, and continue to strive for a more harmonised and accessible financial services landscape for European businesses and consumers.


These awards aim exactly at recognising the positive impact and transformational change that the selected winners have successfully driven through their business models to their customers. The incredibly high-calibre submissions that my fellow judges and I received were a clear demonstration to us of the innovation, agility and value of the fintech sector in putting European consumers at the heart of everything they do and in providing even more European consumers with better, cheaper and more diverse financial services offerings.


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter this year’s awards and congratulate the winners on their achievements. Thank you to my fantastic fellow judges, and most importantly, to all of you for the part you play in making this sector recognised as one that continues to be truly world-leading.