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2022 winners

Congratulations to each and every winner

The Europe FinTech Awards 2022 in association with ID-Pal ceremony saw several fantastic fintechs, directors, innovators and rising stars at the top of their games prevail across 20 categories.

Below, you can find out who won each and every category, and why.

Startup of the Year

“The winner of Startup of the Year is a phenomenal business—a fast-growing fintech in Europe that’s developed an online consumer financing platform that spans countries and continents. It’s growing organically and attracting investors. This is a top fintech.”

Winner: Sun Finance


Data Initiative of the Year

“The winner of Data Initiative of the Year presented a genuinely impactful initiative that focuses on the collection, organisation and visualisation of financial institutions’ environmental data. It promises to deliver a truly positive effect on climate change. A fantastic initiative.”

Winner: BR-AG


Online Initiative of the Year

“The winner of Online Initiative of the Year presented an excellent solution to a very real problem, utilising its technology to achieve a significant reduction in fraudulent activity. This initiative also demonstrates the solution’s ability to scale up in the future. Outstanding progress in the fight against phishing.”

Winner: Xtremepush


Diversity and Inclusion Award

“The winner of the Diversity and Inclusion Award acknowledges the uniqueness of every individual and actively engages with staff to identify gaps and bring about improvements. This fintech has achieved fantastic results through this process, both internally and externally. Highly impressive work.”

Winner: PensionBee 


Accounting Tech of the Year

“The winner of Accounting Tech of the Year uses automation very well, eliminating steps in the accounting process to empower small businesses to manage their own day-to-day finances. It’s leading the charge in open finance and has already made inroads in markets outside of Europe. A standout fintech in a highly competitive space.”

Winner: FISKL


Payments Tech of the Year – sponsored by PayRetailers

“The winner of the Payments Tech of the Year Award is targeting small businesses, a traditionally underserved market, and addressing foreign exchange, a key pain point. It has bold plans and ambitions for borderless banking, underpinned by crucial partnerships. An impressive story that’s only just beginning.”

Winner: iBanFirst


Personal Finance Tech of the Year

“The winner of Personal Finance Tech of the Year enables consumers to access loans easily and safely, championing user-friendliness in everything it does. Its decisioning speed, the depth of its checking and its commitment to always improving set it apart. A very worthy winner.”

Winner: Sun Finance


Investment Tech of the Year

“The winner of Investment Tech of the Year receives this award for using its technology to expand a difficult-to-enter market, rental property, and create new investment opportunities while reducing risks. Using crowdsourcing in this space is also novel and clever. This fintech is already a big player but its expansion into new markets signals significant potential.”

Winner: InRento


LendTech of the Year

“The winner of LendTech of the Year is doing impressive work to make property finance successful. By making speed and flexibility the keys to its operation, this fintech is achieving fantastic results in Europe and beyond, bridging enormous gaps that otherwise hinder its target customers. A true success story for Europe.”

Winner: Estateguru


Banking Tech of the Year

“The winner of Banking Tech of the Year is rapidly scaling and constantly updating both its business model and technology stack. It’s also highly active in developing partnerships and building the fintech ecosystem. A standout fintech that is an expert at meeting customer needs.”

Winner: Banking Circle


WealthTech of the Year

“The winner of WealthTech of the Year has built services that are personal to every client while utilising cutting-edge AI and digital technologies to democratise wealth management. It’s a fine B2B partner that helps its clients grow, a key aim of its business. An exciting fintech with much potential.”

Winner: InvestSuite


RegTech of the Year

“The winner of RegTech of the Year is a next-generation regtech leader with well-regarded technology and a consistently good record of delivery. It’s serving a crucial market and supports the sustainability of wider financial services. A fantastic fintech.”

Winner: Planixs


Pensions Tech of the Year

“The winner of Pensions Tech of the Year uses the latest technology to make pensions simple and easy to understand for customers. It connects with customers across all generations and consistently sets the standard for transparency and convenience in this space.”

Winner: PensionBee


InsurTech of the Year

“The winner of InsurTech of the Year is the standout insurtech, targeting a previously underserved segment of the market with a fully digital approach to insurance that removes the hassle and delivers impressive results. A company championing transparency and accessibility.”

Winner: Getsafe


Best Employer

“The winner of the Best Employer Award is highly creative and novel, offering high-quality learning and development opportunities to meet each employee’s progression needs, while working extensively to improve and maintain mental wellbeing. A shining light for fintech.”

Winner: PensionBee


Team of the Year

“The winner of Team of the Year is recognised with this award for placing people at the heart of the organisation and paying close attention to individuals and their contributions to the whole. Personal development plans, team bonding and regular check-ins from management ensure that this team is on a good path of progression. A top team.”

Winner: Augmentum FinTech


Innovator of the Year

“The winner of Innovator of the Year provides genuine value, with their innovations and leadership breeding confidence among customers. Their passion for solving complex problems is unparalleled. A credit to their organisation.”

Winner: Pedro Sampaio, Chaser


Rising Star of the Year

“The winner Rising Star of the Year is a talented and experienced specialist who is doing excellent work for their organisation while operating in several capacities externally to support the progress of women in fintech and wider financial services. A role model with a big future in fintech.”

Winner: Livia Benisty, Banking Circle


Director of the Year

“The winner of Director of the Year is having a big impact on their organisation and wider fintech. Their outstanding leadership has led to immense growth for their company and fantastic feedback from customers. A top leader in fintech.”

Winner: Sonia Dorias, Chaser 


FinTech of the Year

“The FinTech of the Year is doing important work to address a clear concern in Europe right now, while focusing many of its efforts on ESG and bringing both financial wellbeing and social responsibility to the fore. The FinTech of the Year is also making it much easier to attract younger people and get them interested in fintech, which is vital to the sector as a whole.”

Winner: PensionBee

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