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2023 Winners

The Europe FinTech Awards 2023 winners

Thank you for entering and attending the Europe FinTech Awards 2023!

From the hundreds of submissions we received, the judges debated and deliberated to select 21 winners, which were revealed at the Europe FinTech Awards 2023 ceremony in London last night.

Executives, the expert judging panel and other prominent people from within the industry networked, socialised and celebrated the amazing work of Europe’s best fintechs.

The biggest award of the night, FinTech of the Year, went to Jeeves, the creator of all-in-one expense management platform, because the fintech has “revolutionised the way global businesses manage their finances”.

“Its global infrastructure, speed, price and convenience set it apart from the competition,” the judges said.

Other big winners on the night include Toms Jurjevs from Sun Finance, who won Director of the Year, Jennifer Shung from Carbon Trade eXchange, who took home the Rising Star of the Year award, and Wise, which bagged the Best Employer Award.

We must also give a special mention to Mifundo, SEBA Bank and Sun Finance, which all won two awards last night.

And a huge congratulations to Carbon Trade eXchange, which won a very impressive three awards.

Here’s the full list of winners

Startup of the Year: Mifundo

“The winner of Startup of the Year delivers results with its innovation and technology. Creative and exponential, it has enabled cross-border lending for consumers and banks in the EU.” 

Data Initiative of the Year: Synectics Solutions

“The winner of Data Initiative of the Year is a force for good. From putting a stop to fraud and sources of income for criminal networks, to making sure victims aren’t unfairly penalised and denied access to products.  

“It has helped banks, building societies and insurers identify and prevent huge amounts of potential fraud and error.”

Accounting Tech of the Year: FISKL

“The winner of Accounting Tech of the Year simplifies and demystifies accounting for small business owners, saving them time and resources, with its AI- and machine learning-powered tech. 

“It provides financial management in many countries and has built an impressive list of partners.”

Best Use of Blockchain Technology: SEBA Bank

“The winner of Best Use of Blockchain Technology uses innovation to drive customer outcomes. It weathered the crypto storm and went from strength to strength in the last year. 

“It is attracting significant interest from investors and expanding its presences in multiple jurisdictions.”

Payments Tech of the Year: Token

“The winner of Payments Tech of the Year is making open banking payments a reality by combining best-in-class connectivity and a unique “platform for platforms. 

“It’s a leading open banking payments platform in Europe, setting the standards for this exciting area of fintech.”

Personal Finance Tech of the Year: Sun Finance

“The winner of Personal Finance Tech of the Year has a variety of user-friendly products designed to meet different kinds of financial needs. 

“This high degree of variety and customisation has made it one of the fastest growing fintechs in Europe, with millions of registered customers now using its platform.”

Investment Tech of the Year: InvestSuite

“The winner of Investment Tech of the Year provides solutions that allow financial institutions to democratise wealth management by bringing a breadth of investment capabilities to a broad audience of investors.  

“The investing experience is educational and interactive, creating an engaging investing experience for customers.”

LendTech of the Year: Mifundo

“As ever, Estonia delivers in the form of innovation and technology and the winner of LendTech of the Year is no exception.  

“Its cross-border lending platform in the EU is turning many local markets into a single one, giving people a wider choice of credit products and banks a more holistic multi-currency risk assessment. 

“It is a worthy winner in another big and tightly contested category.”

Banking Tech of the Year: SEBA Bank

“The winner of Banking Tech of the Year edged ahead in a very strong field with tight competition.  

“It is shaping the future of finance by combining the assurances of traditional banking with the agility of cryptocurrency, to provide its clients with the ideal environment to seamlessly navigate the digital asset industry.  

“The fintech is a leader pioneering transparency, security and trust in a new asset class.”

WealthTech of the Year: Wealthpilot

“The winner of WealthTech of the Year believes that first-class wealth management should not only be accessible to high-net-worth individuals, but to a broader population to participate in the growth of global wealth. 

“It makes financial management accessible by harnessing the benefits of hybrid wealth management.”

RegTech of the Year: Sumsub

“The winner of RegTech of the Year helps its clients to overcome digital fraud and handle compliance issues effectively.  

“Its all-in-one verification platform secures every step of the user lifecycle with customisable KYC, transaction monitoring and AML solutions.  

“This fintech stands out from the competition with its one-stop-shop for onboarding, transaction monitoring and user actions.”

Pensions Tech of the Year: Penny

“The winner of Pensions Tech of the Year has refined a complicated process of finding and combining lost pensions into a simple mobile interface.  

“It’s had enormous growth and filled an important market gap that helps ordinary individuals’ future financial wellbeing.”

Diversity & Inclusion Award: Carbon Trade eXchange

“The winner of the Diversity & Inclusion Award has a team of staff from numerous countries, speaking multiple languages. 

“It values diversity and inclusivity as an ingrained ethos, with its team made up with a wide variety of ages, while more than 50% are women, with many in senior executive roles. 

“The fintech’s diversity in age, race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation has made this fintech stand out as it expands globally.”

Best Employer Award: Wise

“The winner of the Best Employer Award encourages its employees to carve out their own career paths, supports career changes, and has a mobile programme that lets its employees work from almost anywhere in the world for up to 3 months per year.  

“Its employees feel they are given autonomy and trusted to do their work, and they feel motivated to carry out the fintech’s mission.”

InsurTech of the Year: Protection Guru Pro

“The winner of InsurTech of the Year has built a platform that allows advisers to find, compare and contrast the multiplicity of life insurance and other products. 

“It has taken what is naturally an opaque and complex product and made it understandable.”

Innovator of the Year: Wayne Sharpe from Carbon Trade eXchange

“The winner of Innovator of the Year has an impressive track record as an entrepreneur.  

“Their innovative approach to business has resulted in exponential growth for their company. 

“Their pioneering efforts in establishing this fintech as the world’s first global exchange, based on cloud technology, make them a deserving winner.”

Team of the Year: Form3 Engineering Team

“The winner of Team of the Year is trusted to be autonomous and takes ownership of work, plus a wide variety of challenges and growth opportunities. 

“The team, which sits entirely in-house, has grown organically at a fantastic rate and is credited with consistently delivering innovative products to the financial industry, including several firsts.”

Trainee of the Year: Jessie Leworthy from Financial Technology Research Centre

“The winner of Trainee of the Year is a genuine innovator.  

“They have taken day-to-day leadership and control of the fintech’s entire social media account and introduced several innovations to the style of content created, which has led to huge visitor growth,  

“They have been consistent, loyal and reliable, proved their value, and have a promising career ahead of them.”

Rising Star of the Year: Jennifer Shung from Carbon Trade eXchange

“The winner of Rising Star of the Year has shown natural leadership skills, tenacity and willingness to learn, which have been instrumental in driving success for their company.  

“Their passion, dedication and skills make them a deserving winner of this award.”

Director of the Year: Toms Jurjevs from Sun Finance

“The winner of Director of the Year is the founder and chief executive officer of one of the fastest growing fintechs in Europe.  

“They lead a company with a huge turnover across three continents.   

“This director has also shown that they look after the wellbeing of their employees, operate the company sustainably, and support their team to take part in charity.”  

FinTech of the Year: Jeeves

“The winner of FinTech of the Year has revolutionised the way global businesses manage their finances.  

“It provides an efficient and cost-effective financial operating system that can manage the needs of global businesses and impact on local economies. 

“The results have been brilliant, with thousands of clients served and strong revenue growth. 

“Its innovative approach to building global infrastructure has allowed it to bring its products to market in a unique and efficient way, giving it a competitive advantage.  

“Its global infrastructure, speed, price and convenience set it apart from the competition.”

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